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Why I only do upbeat illustrations (so far)

upbeat illustrations


Recently, I’ve been looking back on my body of lettering work and pondering something—why is my work mostly upbeat illustrations?

Let me back things up for a bit.

When I (mostly) left graphic design, I made a deliberate choice to put myself on a very different track. I had been doing it for over 30 years, so I was ready for something new. While I had all that design experience to lean on, I wanted to put myself in a new frame of mind.

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Whimsical Maps Pt. 3

Retro Map


Here’s a map from 1957 published by The H.M. Gousha (pronounced Goo-Shay) Company. They were a major distributor of free maps in the 25 years following World War II. The company was purchased by Rand McNally in 1996, and most of the Gousha workers were laid off.

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Can sleep jumpstart a stalled creative mind?



I recently read about a study that concluded stress can promote poor sleep.

In other news, studies show that a healthy diet will help you live longer.

There’s no doubt that poor sleep will wreak havoc on all kinds of stuff, not just your creativity. I remember far too many all-nighters when I did agency work. We’d be there at 3AM, staring at our monitors, and each other, trying to develop concepts. I remember my Creative Director saying, “There isn’t enough coffee in the whole world.” While some people crave this kind of work, I will say it isn’t for me. Personally, I find this the absolute worst time to be creative.

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