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Whimsical Maps Pt. 3

Retro Map


Here’s a map from 1957 published by The H.M. Gousha (pronounced Goo-Shay) Company. They were a major distributor of free maps in the 25 years following World War II. The company was purchased by Rand McNally in 1996, and most of the Gousha workers were laid off.

I’ve come across some obscure regional maps in my flea market visits, so I wasn’t familiar with Cities Service. After some digging I discovered it was the precursor to Citgo.

The company was rebranded in 1965. It kept the first three letters from “CITIES” and added “GO” to imply “power, energy and progressiveness”. The triangle—now called a trimark—was the only other visual to make the transition.

The print misregistration and course line screen only adds to the awesome retro-ness.


Retro Map


Retro Map


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