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Whimsical Maps Pt. 5

Sinclair Road Map


Here’s another whimsical road map I came across at a flea market. Although there are over 2,500 Sinclair filling stations in the US, I’ve personally never seen one myself in my travels. There’s no date on the map, but I’d put it at the mid to late 50s. I always admire how creative they can be with the limited number of inks.

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Whimsical Maps Pt. 3

Retro Map


Here’s a map from 1957 published by The H.M. Gousha (pronounced Goo-Shay) Company. They were a major distributor of free maps in the 25 years following World War II. The company was purchased by Rand McNally in 1996, and most of the Gousha workers were laid off.

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