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Do you need to use a terms and conditions? Yes.

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In my pervious post, I talked about red flags to watch out for when working with clients. 

Even if no red flags show up, a terms and conditions agreement should be mandatory. Don’t go on the hope—or your “gut”—that everything will go smoothly.

It’s important to set expectations and boundaries. Sometimes things go wrong. A terms and conditions will help guide the process.

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Protect yourself by watching out for these freelance red flags

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I’ll admit that, as an artist, we could be better at explaining what it is we do. It’s our responsibility to lift the veil of mystery around how we go about our work.

What follows is based on my 30+ years of experience as a Graphic Designer, but the principles are the same. While we should do all we can to educate clients, and potential clients, we are unlikely to change their bad behaviour.

If you’re just getting your first paying gigs, congratulations. If you’ve been doing this for awhile, I hope some of this is still helpful.

Here are six freelance red flags to watch out for with a potential—and current—client …

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My (Brief) Experience With Fan Art

ray and irwin's garage


A few months ago, I received an email via my website asking about purchasing a digital copy of my Ray & Irwin’s Garage artwork. They also loved the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and wanted it to use on a t-shirt.

As I mulled over how to price it, I had to stop myself. This wasn’t an “original” piece of art, and I clearly stated that in the description. After doing some research, I responded to the potential purchaser and said I first had to get permission.

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