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What happens to old designers?

Monty Python I'm not dead


I’ve written a lot about my lettering and illustration process, but not much about how I got into lettering and illustration. There’s no doubt that graphic design is a young person’s game. Stats show that only about 5% of designers are 50+ years of age. So where do the old designers go?

You can read about my early childhood here.

My college education was a bit … muddled. I entered into the Graphic Design program at Dawson College in Montreal in 1981. At the time, this was one of the few English speaking programs available in the city. and no, I didn’t speak French (more on that later). I initially wanted to enrol in their Illustration and Design program, because, hey, drawing. During the portfolio review, one of the program instructors suggested I go into their Graphic Design program instead. Um. Ok. I guess you know best. Plus, I’m a shy 19 year old who’s afraid to speak up.

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