Hat Guy


There was a time, decades ago, when no well dressed man would be caught without a hat. There’s some dispute about why we mostly stopped wearing them. Some believe it was because JFK didn’t wear one at his inauguration.

I wasn’t a “hat” guy until 2012. That May, we took a trip to San Francisco. As we toured, it became apparent I needed something to keep the sun off my head. We happened upon a Goorin Brothers hat store, and I bought a sweet, straw casual fedora.

Since then, I’ve added about eight more to my “inventory”—mostly casual fedoras, but also a few flat caps. Besides protecting my scalp from UV rays, they’re just fun to wear. It sometimes feels weird to not be wearing one.

This piece was done entirely in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro using the Tip Top Ultimate Ink (now called Master Ink) and Sponge brush sets.