It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


Anyone born in the 60’s (like me) has likely seen the movie It’s a Mad. Mad. Mad, Mad World. It was a special treat whenever it would come on TV . In particular, the scene where truck driver Lennie Pike (Jonathan Winters) completely destroys the gas station run by Ray (Arnold Stang) and Irwin (Marvin Kaplan). In essence, a full-blown cartoon come to life.

In the spirit of complete openness, this was not an attempt at a completely “original” lettering piece. My goal here was to replicate the look of the film. While the illustrated bits are original, the lettering components are taken from the gas station tow truck (with a few little edits).

Thanks to my friend Jeff for putting the idea in my head.

Trivia: Days before filming, Stang broke his left arm. If you watch closely you’ll notice his left arm is always crooked, and he wears workgloves. Ironically, in one of the scenes he accidentally breaks Ray’s arm with a giant wrench.