2018 Xmas Card

Santa waiting to take off


This was my 2018 Christmas card entry. It actually wasn’t my first concept (I’ll save that one for 2019). I think I just wanted to draw more aircraft.

A few of my alternate Santa quotes that didn’t make the cut:

  • Uh, oh. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that fruitcake.
  • Uh, oh. I knew I should have gone to the bathroom first.
  • Oh well. At least it’s better than flying Rouge.

I figured not everyone would get the Rouge reference (if you’re from outside Canada). I guess someone might like Rouge, although I can’t imagine why.

And the inside …


Retro Santa Claus artwork


This piece was done entirely in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro using Lisa Bardot’s Texturrific ink set.