Prince Edward Island Illustration


I love maps, especially the vintage maps with illustrations. You can see a few examples from my collection here …

Whimsical Roadmaps

Whimsical Roadmaps Pt. 2

If you’re not familiar with Goodtype, they’re a showcase of lettering artists from around the world. Each week, they put out a challenge with a different theme. So when they offered up a travel theme, I thought this was a good opportunity to illustrate a map.

“Your challenge this week is to letter your top 1 to 3 places you would like to visit this year.”

It’s totally full of all the stereotypical things about P.E.I., but I stopped short of showing a potato. And yes, if you aren’t originally from P.E.I. you’re “from away”.


This piece was done entirely in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro using Lisa Bardot’s Midcentury Ink Set.


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