Lookout the Window

The view from 35,000 feet is still captivating

I got the idea for this piece on a flight from Boston to Toronto. My preferred in-flight entertainment has always been to look out the window. Watching the clouds and terrain rolling by from 35,000 feet has never gotten tiring, for me. On this particular flight, the passenger in front of me worked on their laptop for the entire flight. I understand that, for some people, this may be necessary, or even unavoidable. It would be nice to see more people take a break, and experience what I still think is incredible.

The lettering inspiration came from a few different sources. The blocky, rounded lettering was loosely based on two things: the shape of an aircraft window, and the typeface Continental used in the 1980s. The script lettering was based on a childhood memory of the luggage emblem from a set we had. The photo of the sky and clouds was taken on another flight. I wanted the impression of looking out an aircraft window, so everything is framed within, well, an aircraft window.


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