Life on Mars

mars rover

Martian fender bender? Move vehicles to shoulder.

The idea for this came about with the recent news about the Mars Opportunity rover.

In case you don’t know, the rover landed in 2004. The mission was supposed to last three months, but Opportunity has travelled over 45km (28 miles) since then.

A giant, planet-wide dust storm starting churning away in May 2018. As the sunlight dimmed, the solar-powered rover went into low-power mode. In early September 2018, the storm started to subside, but it may be curtains for the rover. NASA’s attempts at communication have all gone unanswered.

Hey, we can’t be the only ones with probes roaming about. Hopefully they simply exchange insurance info, and don’t start an interstellar war.

The brushwork was done in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro using Lisa Bardot’s Midcentury and Texturrific ink sets.


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