Sharing what I've I've learned about lettering and illustration.

Why I only do upbeat illustrations (so far)

upbeat illustrations


Recently, I’ve been looking back on my body of lettering work and pondering something—why is my work mostly upbeat illustrations?

Let me back things up for a bit.

When I (mostly) left graphic design, I made a deliberate choice to put myself on a very different track. I had been doing it for over 30 years, so I was ready for something new. While I had all that design experience to lean on, I wanted to put myself in a new frame of mind.

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Add a textured background to your artwork in minutes

illustration background texture


I’ve always liked the look of ink on a textured paper, especially cardboard. You will see this a lot on older matchbooks. The tiny artwork, ink bleed, print mis-registration and course paper texture gives it a real charm. There’s an easy way to add a textured background to your artwork.

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Creating a concise layout that people understand

lettering layout review


Getting beyond things like developing a colour palette, or choosing brushes, is developing a concise layout that your viewers will understand.

I don’t normally start my design process on the iPad. I still prefer to push a pencil around on paper when I’m working up my initial concepts. I don’t want to fiddle around with colours, layers or brushes. I want to get my thoughts down as quickly as possible. When I use my sketchbook, the most I need to do is click my mechanical pencil for more lead, and turn a page.

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Standing Desk: Not as weird as I thought.

standing desk


I’ve been battling with lower back issues for years, but in the summer of 2018 they became quite bad. I started to re-evaluate how I was working. I knew prolonged sitting isn’t good, and is stressful on the lower back. There are a myriad of studies on the dangers of prolonged sitting. As my chiropractor put it, “We’re meant to move.”

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